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A long flight is a flight that takes longer than seven hours.  These flights are also called long-hauls. They are usually international flights, i.e., the departure and arrival are from different countries. Long hauls are inevitable when traveling for work and even for holiday trips. You may wonder what to do during these hours; here’s a list of entertaining suggestions for what you can do during a long flight.

Catch up on your reading


With our busy schedules, a 9-5 job, side hustle, family, and friends, it is usually hard to spare time to catch up with your hobbies. When you are scheduled for a long trip, you can plan to catch up on your reading. Bring a copy or two of the books you have kept on hold and read them. Whether it is a harry potter book, a john Grisham, an encyclopedia, a comic book, or a religious book, grab a blanket, get comfortable, and get lost in an alternate universe, and before you know it’’…please prepare for landing.”

Play Games


Are you a lover of chess, ludo, monopoly, snakes and ladder, Tic Tac Toe, scrabble, and card games? Well, here is a good time to flaunt your prowess in these games. Make sure you carry your board game and a deck of cards with you. Grab your neighbor(s) and play a board game. If you do not know how to play a game or another, this is the perfect opportunity to learn the game. Guess what if you do not have the physical board game with you? You can download the games in advance and play them on the computer or with your neighbor!

Learn a language


If you are traveling to a country whose language you have not mastered yet, this is the best time to familiarize yourself with their language. Thanks to technology, there are different ways to learn a new language. You can buy books or download apps before entering the plane. Put on your earphones and know how to say hello and ask for food, wouldn’t want you to starve! If you are fluent in the language, challenge yourself by learning a new language. Who knows when it will come in handy?


Talk to your neighbor.


This may be one of the simplest things to do but one of the most challenging because you do not know who you may end up talking to. It may be someone craving some alone time and silence, someone in a foul mood, or even someone who isn’t the best conversationalist. However, it may be a person you click with and have one of the most satisfying conversations with. A person who has been where you have been and will give you timely guidance on what to do and what not to do. Who knows, you may find a future spouse, a long-time friend, a good business connection, or a long-lost relationship. You can also talk to the staff. You will find that they have the most exciting stories and experiences that will be downright entertaining.

Catch up on long movies


Watching a movie is one of the most favorite ways to pass the time during a long haul. That series that you didn’t watch and it has been bugging you since you did not have enough time? Well, here is an excellent opportunity with uninterrupted time to binge-watch from your watching list. Sites like Netflix and Amazon prime offer endless options if you need a change from what you had scheduled to watch. It is also a great time to watch suspense movies because you will have no interruptions.

Listen to a new genre of music.


Music is vast. There are many music genres, not to mention those that are not known yet, that are slowly being recognized worldwide. A long flight gives you the perfect opportunity to listen to not one but several genres of music. Especially if you are going to a foreign country, it would be best to learn their music. This will give you a better understanding of their culture and prepare you for the music you will hear most of the time once you arrive.

Learn a new skill. Draw, color, write, journal.


With the long flight ahead, it is essential to plan how best to use that time. One thing you can do is learn a new skill. There are tutorials all over the internet on how to draw, color, create a website, etc. this would be an excellent time to focus on either or all of these and learn about them. And even if you are good at them, it would be great to put your creativity to use. Journaling is an excellent way to prepare for your trip. It helps prepare for your trip extensively. Take a book and pen and put your thought in the book, and you will be greatly surprised by what you get.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook.


A podcast is a program produced regularly and delivered over the internet that can be downloaded on computer devices such as phones. Podcasts are a wealth of information, both entertaining, educational, and nourishing. Expect to learn almost everything, from the history of strange words and phrases to an explanation of the things that have never made any sense to you and even to random things that you might never be able to do, like how to take a picture of a black hole is covered in podcasts!!

Relax, have a few drinks, and pamper yourself.


With time on your hands, what better thing to do than some little TLC. Use this time to relax, get a drink from the air hostess, drink, and unwind. Just remember as you drink that alcohol affects you faster at higher altitudes, so drink some water in between. Carry with you some skincare regime and take advantage of this time to show yourself some love. It would be best to use products that are scent free and not messy and give yourself a spa date at 30,000 feet! This is very important because flying dehydrates your skin, and this helps prevent your skin from breaking and prepares it for the new altitude once you land.

Meditate, think and catch up on your sleep.


Meditating is a good way of passing the time during a long flight. Meditating is a suitable method of relaxation. You can also use it for spiritual and religious purposes. It is an excellent way to clear the mind, pour out frustrations and achieve a mental and emotionally stable state significantly ahead of your trip. You can also use this time to think and develop creative ideas, solutions, and plans. After coming up with new ideas and relaxing, you can catch up on your sleep and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Parting Shot

There are lots of things you can do during a long flight. This time can be used well as a source of entertainment, education, and relaxation. It is two birds, a one-stone situation: travel to another corner of the earth, and grow while you’re at it.


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