In times like these, we must find ways to adapt our lives and plans to the reality we are all facing nowadays. The world’s under some serious changes and it is a moment of crisis for everyone, no matter where you are from or what your social status is, we are all going through a difficult moment and we all need a little help getting by.
But to sit around and complain about our circumstances it will not help us to get to a better place, the world needs our thoughts of love and positivity now. We are all responsible for doing the best we can to help things go back to normal and as quickly as we can. 
With quarantine orders from most governments all over the world, and all airports closing down with most flights being canceled until further notice, the situation we find ourselves in its unclear and for a lot of people, very overwhelming.

Staying at home in this crucial time could really be a question of life or death. But being at home doesn’t have to be boring, being at home could be an opportunity to explore different things, learn a new language, read all those books on your shelf or even travel the world. 


But how can we travel the world when we are not supposed to leave our front gate for the most part of the day?


Desperate times call for creativity and a new concept of traveling it’s on the rise since the coronavirus has put most of us in a forced quarantine. Virtual tours its a new concept in traveling where tourists and adventurous travelers out there can enjoy the visual and intellectual experience of traveling, all in the convenience of their homes. 
A great idea for anyone looking for something to do with all the extra time at the moment. A great way also to get your mind into a more positive place. A place of wonder instead of fear, a place of curiosity and a place of hope for our planet and for each and every one of us.

We have gathered the top 5 Virtual Tours we recommend at the moment for anyone looking to have a SAFE and very well recommended indoor adventure:

Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey offers a very good selection of virtual tours out there that covers this magnificent country. Since we are virtually touring, eating on the road its not an option unless you have been creative in the kitchen yourself and have come up with some Turkish recipes, but Turkey is more than just amazing food. One of the greatest places for a virtual tour in Turkey is Istanbul. 
With so much history and such different scenarios due to the many different empires set in Turkey since its creation, Istanbul has everything a virtual tour best has to offer. From legendary architecture to many historical religious places Istanbul its a must-see for virtual travelers.




Dubai, UAE


With its beautiful beaches and skyscrapers Dubai it’s a dream destination to anyone who loves modern horizons and a whole lot of shopping but you don’t have to wait until the quarantine it’s over as Dubai has a great option for virtual tours to some of its favorite tourist’s attractions. 

Famously known as “The City of The Future” Dubai virtual tours will take you into an architectural experience as some of the best works in the field it’s displayed among its horizons. Dubai Museum virtual tours will show you one of the best features of this futuristic place.




Rabat, Morocco


One of the top destinations among social media influencers, Rabat is one of the top-visited destinations in Morroco. With 5 stars luxury breathtaking hotels and some of the best food in the world Marrakesh its a great option for a virtual tour. 

One of the things that make Rabat one of the best options for a virtual tour it’s the immeasurable amount of colors to its streets, buildings, and textiles, and not to mention the Sahara desert. Make sure you virtually visit the street markets of the imperial city with the best options for linens and typical Morrocan textiles.




New Delhi, India


Home to the world-famous Taj Mahal, It is not a coincidence that New Delhi is one of the top destinations for tourists visiting India. With great options for virtual tours covering the most iconic things such as its beautiful monuments, food, yoga classes and also history, New Delhi’s virtual tour sure is worth a place in your virtual travel plans for these radical times.



Petra, Jordan


Worldly famous for its beautiful historical carvings on its red sandstones, Petra is a destination everyone should see at least once. 

But a fact that not everyone knows but it just might confirm why Petra its definitely a place you should virtually visit right now is that the legendary Indiana Jones movie was actually shot in Al Khazneh in Petra. Definitely worth a visit.



With so many options of places to visit within the range of your own home, we hope that this will bring you some joy into these dark times around the world, remember we are all in this together and we need each other now more than ever.

We pledge that you all do your part and STAY HOME with the people you love so that we all can have the people we love safe and close to us too.

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