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The Middle East does not fall short of amazing sites worth touring. Nonetheless, the multitude of these sites may just leave you lost for choice. Fortunately, there is a new travel hack that is aimed at giving you the most satisfying experience with your itineraries in the Middle East. Rather than get tethered around a fixed spot during your holidays, you get to combine several destinations in one trip, thus treating yourself to a fulfilling explorative adventure.

The good news does not end there. You have the pleasant choice of tailor-making your trip to the destinations of your choice since you don’t want to visit somewhere you’ve already been to before. You can also get to combine destinations from different types of vacations depending on the proximity and other travel arrangements. Some of the best combinations for your itinerary include:

•    Amman-Cairo: having replaced the old Istanbul-Cairo version due to the Syrian wars, the Amman to Cairo is a shorter lively option. You get to start your touring in the cosmopolitan city of Amman, which is characterized by Roman ruins and amazing restaurants. You can then take a visit to the Dead Sea, then a detour to Jerusalem and then to Jordan, where the ancient city of Petra stands. Further down, you get to visit the spectacular Wadi Rum as you cross into Egypt through the Red Sea at Aqaba to Nuweiba. From Nuweiba, Dahab awaits for a fun-filled snorkeling experience at the Red Sea and an excursion to the famous Mt Sinai. From Dahab, the city of Cairo awaits with its inexhaustible attractions. This entire trip takes a period of about two weeks.



•    The heart of the Middle East (Jordan-Israel-Palestine): with the short distances to cover between these fascinating destinations, there is definitely so much for your eyes to feast on. From Jordan’s bucket-list destinations such as the Madaba mosaics and the echoes of Moses at Mt Nebo to Jerash to Bethany (beyond the Jordan, where Jesus was baptized), to the buoyant Dead Sea waters. Upon crossing the Jordan River, Jerusalem ushers in pilgrim visitors to the towns of Bethlehem and Jericho. Up north lie Akko and the Caesarean ruins. More sites on the other side of the Jordan include the Dana Biosphere Reserve and the Crusader castle of Karak. The entire visit takes about three weeks.



•    Modern Turkey-Ancient Persia: you would be surprised to discover that you’ll need about a month to explore this part of the Middle East from its most Western-oriented side to the least. Istanbul is always the point where most Turkish journeys are flagged off. From Istanbul, the course heads for Ankara than to Konya, which is the Sufis’ spiritual home. The return route snakes through the beautiful Cappadocia landscapes, the Nemrut Dagi statues, and the famous Mt Ararat which trails you out of the tourist Turkey before Iran welcomes you to the other side of the border. Tabriz welcomes you into Iran, followed by Tehran and Esfahan, one of the most beautiful and most bejeweled cities in the Middle East. Shiraz follows in the list with the famous Persepolis monument. The trip finishes from Yazd to Kerman, where you get to tour the famous ‘sandcastles’ of the Kaluts.



•    The Pharaohs’ land: Egypt holds so much for its visitors that visiting it alone makes for a comprehensive trip. A visit to Cairo and Alexandria alone calls for an entire week, then another week to see the Western oases and another week to explore the south. Heading to the west, the Siwa oasis welcomes you through the great Sahara. The Bahariya oasis awaits straight ahead as you get into the White and Black Deserts. The trip cannot be complete without a trip to Aswan and the Nile, as you trail into Luxor, which hosts the richest sites relating to the ancient Pharaohs such as Temples of Karnak and the valleys of the Kings and Queens.



Tailor-Making Your Mediterranean Vacations

If interested in a tailor-made experience of the Mediterranean, the options in your hands are inexhaustible. The Mediterranean loop consists of a list of interesting destinations, from which you can choose where you want to visit. A fascinating three weeks would be what it takes for fulfilling coverage of the Mediterranean loop’s most interesting sites.

The Beirut metropolis begins most of the sojourning experiences, with a southward peek into the Phoenician heartland of Saida, Tyre and the Temple of Echmoun. The Byblos fishing port awaits up north, followed by a walk through Qadisha Valley before landing at the Cedars. From Beirut, you can then fly to Istanbul’s glamorous cities before moving on to Gallipoli, famous for WWI, and Troy, famous for ancient wars. Other spots to conclude your quest through the Mediterranean include Ephesus, which is among the most imposing sites in the Middle East, as well as the awesome Mediterranean villages of Olympos or Kas.



The duration of time you spend during your trips in the Middle East and the Mediterranean depends on the destinations scheduled in each trip and the activities therein. For example, you can spend 11 days exploring the major highlights of Egypt and Jordan, 8 days surveying Israel and beyond, 9 days from Istanbul to Gallipoli and finally to the Aegean Coast, etc. In the end, it all comes down to the choice of your destinations and intended activities at each. 



A Favorable Travel Partner

Dynamic travelers need a versatile tour and travel partner to cater to the dynamic needs of tour and adventure. Memphis Tours is one such corporate. It offers a travel portal with diverse trip dynamics to the Middle East and Mediterranean destinations. Some of its best-selling private tour packages include a 7-day tour to the Giza pyramids and Petra city, a 10-day tour savoring Egypt’s and Jordan’s famous sites, an 11-day tour through the pyramids, Abu Simbel, the Nile, and the Jordan, and so much more.
Here lies the chance for a comprehensive tour of the Middle East and Mediterranean’s famous sites such as the Holy Land of Jerusalem, Jordan, Egypt, the narrow Gulf of Aqaba and so much more. With the added advantage from Memphis Tours of getting to tailor-make your trip, it is indeed a once in a lifetime experience that needs to be added to your bucket list.

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