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Do you love animals? If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a minimum of one (or more) bucket list vacation that involves seeing animals in their natural habitat. Well, you’re close to get some more! Below, I'll tell you about the ten Best Vacations for Animal Lovers, in no particular order! There are many destinations during which animals are the most attractive and that attract global travellers who want to determine, touch and play with them.


But, an enormous problem with animal tourism is that the exploitation of animals, putting them in stressful situations and even torturing them. Of course, people that really love animals will want to remain removed from these places and only have contact with animals in a very natural and non-stressful situation. Want to grasp the most effective places for animal lovers, where you'll interact ethically and not contribute to their exploitation? Then you’ve come to the correct place! Here are the simplest places for animal lovers.

Top 10 unique vacation ideas for animal lovers!


  • Cats in Japan
  • Sloths in Costa Rica
  • Manatees in Florida
  • Amazing Elephant in Thailand
  • Golden Retriever in Scotland
  • Chilling with Penguins in Antarctica 
  • Polar Bears in Canada
  • Whale watching in Sydney, Australia
  • Turtles on the beach in Mexico
  • Sacred cows in India

Cats in Japan

The foremost famous of those is the Aoshima, which has 6 cats for each island resident and is really referred to as the Island of the Cats. Since Aoshima is just accessible by ferry there are a limited number of individuals who can access it daily. 


Sloths in Costa Rica


Sloths are reasonably my spirit animal. They’re cute, cuddly, like to sleep lots, and just hang around. only 1 have a look at a sloth’s adorable face and plenty of people fall loving. The Republic of Costa Rica is the best place within the world to determine a sloth in their natural habitat. But because they're so adept at camouflaging themselves high within the trees, it'd be easier to go to a sloth sanctuary which is on the Caribbean side of the Republic of Costa Rica. Down the road is additionally a Jaguar sanctuary as well! If you're staying on the Pacific side, don’t worry, ready to} visit the Diamante Eco Adventure Park where you’ll be able to see sloths, and plenty of other animals native to Republic of Costa Rica, like monkeys, birds, and more stop working, otherwise you can even horseback ride through the jungle! numerous great animal adventures to own in Costa Rica!

Manatees in Florida


You don’t have to leave the country to determine Manatees in their natural habitat. Florida could be a great location to determine them bobbing within the warm water. Also called the “Cow of the Sea”, manatees are a sweet and sensitive animal. There are many eco-friendly tour options in Florida to determine these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.


Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand

Elephants are an emblem of the country and it's estimated that 75% of elephants used for tourism (elephant rides, for example) in Thailand are taken from their natural habitat precisely for this purpose. A survey by the globe Animal Foundation concluded that about 1,300 elephants board terrible conditions, including deprivation of food and long working hours.

Golden Retriever Club in Scotland

In 2016 an incident for retriever enthusiasts was launched in Inverness Scotland. The primary event hosted 188 hounds which number almost doubled within the last 2 years, with 361 dogs within the last event in July of 2018. The event takes place annually on the outskirts of the ancestral city of the animals, where the primary retriever was born within the middle of the 19th century. The event is receptive to folks that want to go, whether or not they are not bringing their own dogs. This year, it's estimated that the festival had thousands of visitors. Dog parades, jokes, dances, and dinners are all a part of the event – you’d be barking mad to miss it! 

Chilling with Penguins in Antarctica 

Take a cruise all the way down to Antarctica and walk among thousands of Gentoo, Chin Strap, and Adelie penguins. Many cruise lines are now making this popular trek all the way down to Antarctica except for a more “natural” experience, i might choose a cruise with Lindblad and National Geographic Expeditions. This can provide you with a really unique perspective on the lifetime of an Antarctic penguin. 


Polar Bears in Canada


While Polar Bears sleep in many northern polar countries like Norway and Russia, one amongst the simplest locations to work out them, for Americans, is Churchill, Canada. over here you may be ready to see the biggest bear and also the largest land carnivore within the world. While visiting this snowy Tundra, you may even have an opportunity to try and do a dog sledding excursion, see the Alopex lagopus, arctic wolves, reindeer and more.


Whale watching in Sydney, Australia

However, Sea World isn't ethical when it involves taking care of their animals. In addition to being kept in captivity in fairly small pools, they're animals that are aloof from their habitat for no reason apart from tourism. There are far more ethical ways of observing marine animals. like enjoying a natural “show” that whales placed on in their natural habitats. 


Turtles on the beach in Mexico


In Mexico, thousands of turtles crawl onto the beach to get their eggs. However, during this process, the hatchlings bear several difficulties that have led to their near extinction. Dogs walking on the beach eat the eggs and a few people even pick them up to sell to uninformed tourists.


Sacred cows in India

About 80% of India’s population is Hindu, a faith with about one billion believers who consider cows to be sacred. Due to this, it's quite common in India to determine cows roaming the cities, being fed and even worshipped publicly. they're prohibited from being in urban areas since 2003, for the chance of being hit by cars and hindering traffic. Even so, it's still possible to work out some strolling through the cities. 

Remember animal lovers, irrespective of where you go, or whatever animals you see, please remember that these are wild animals. they're adapted to life in their area, please don’t handle, feed, or interfere with any animal within the wild. While your intentions could also be good, it could impact them during a negative way. And please, if you would like to require an image with or of an animal, please ensure you're at a secure distance.

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