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Abandoned places are those mysterious places around the world where people used to live. What makes those places unique is that each place has a backstory to tell. Those kinds of places show us what happens when the consistent care of humans is no longer served. This article provides some of the most amazing abandoned places around the world that you should definitely visit at least once in a lifetime. Get introduced to the most famous abandoned and even haunted places you might not have heard of before. 


Kennecott, Alaska


This town in Alaska was once full of copper mines and workers living peacefully with their families until all the mine's resources were finished in the 1930s and all people were obliged to leave. All townspeople left except for a family of three who finally left when the town got totally abandoned in the 1950s. Now the town of Kennecott is covered in fog and falling tree leaves in the Alaskan wild areas. The town and its mines has now become a very creepy place but interesting to visit. 


Hotel Goricina, Croatia


Located on the Croatian coast, Hotel Goricina was once a very luxurious hotel within the area of the Yugoslavian military resort. Unfortunately, the hotel was destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence along with other surrounding hotels, leaving the area abandoned. 


Kayakoy, Turkey


This town was once a beautiful town located in the Taurus mountains, it was abandoned in the 1920s due to a political exchange of population with Greece. There are nearly 350 abandoned houses in Kayakoy, Turkey today which makes it almost a ghost city. The city is a very interesting place to visit as it was once a normal city with a population and now it is deserted and its homes are abandoned. 


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Hachijo Royal Hotel, Japan


Hachijo Royal Hotel in Japan was once one of the most beautiful and one of the largest Japanese resorts. The hotel is located on the beautiful Japanese island of Hachijojima. It is amazing to witness the French Baroque architecture side by side with the amazing nature and giant trees. 


Beelitz, Germany


The Beelitz complex in Germany was considered as a military hospital during war times as it dates back to the 1800s. When Soviet forces left Germany in the mid 1990s, the surrounding area of Beelitz was abandoned and never populated again since then. The place is very interesting to visit because however creepy, it still keeps its amazing sky blue color paint and a swirly window that will remind you of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 


Craco, Italy


This Italian city has existed since 540 and was once a beautiful populated city. The city was abandoned during the 20th century because of poor agricultural conditions, a landslide that happened in 1963, and a flood that happened in 1972. Due to these conditions, the city was impossible to stay in. Now the city is considered as a beautiful ancient city that is perfect for serving as a set for movies like “The Passion of the Christ”. 


Temple of Santiago, Mexico


The Temple of Santiago in Mexico is a 450-year-old church that was once surrounded by water. The water level dropped almost 80 feet after a drought took place in southern Mexico. The drought has allowed the hidden temple to stand out. It is now a stunning place that is worthy of visiting. 


Saint Nicholas Church, Macedonia


On the Mavrovo lake in Macedonia lies the beautiful flooded Saint Nicholas Church. The man-made lake was intentionally created to support a power plant, and intentionally caused the destruction of the church. The building is still beautiful for sure, but abandoned, as well as the surrounding village. What’s left from the site is that amazing church standing still amongst the breathtaking landscape. 


Miranda Castle, Belgium


This fairytale castle in Belgium was originally built to be a summer home, but unfortunately, the designer of the place died before he completed the construction in 1907. The castle was built in 1866. During world war II, the castle served as a summer camp for almost 20 years and was totally abandoned in 1991 because it was very expensive to keep.


Hirta, Scotland


Due to harsh weather conditions and the threat of people starving, the island of Hirta in Scotland was evacuated in the 1930s. The island was once a beautiful island with many people living peacefully. Now the island is almost a ghost island and a famous abandoned place you shouldn’t miss visiting. 


Berlin, Nevada


In 1897, the historic district of Berlin in Nevada was founded as a vital part of mining growth. The area was never as successful as the other nearby cities and was abandoned in 1911. The place is now a historic part of the Nevada State Park. The place is very encouraging to visit and very interesting to explore. 


The Floating Forest, Australia


The SS Ayrfield ship was built in 1911 in Homebush Bay, located west of Sydney, Australia. The ship is now an out-of-service floating graveyard and is known as the floating forest. What makes The SS Ayrfield ship unique among other ghost ships is that since it was abandoned, mangrove trees and amazing greenery have taken over the rusted ship. It's an amazing shipwreck to visit as it is a real floating forest that will leave you in awe. 


Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia


Ta Prohm Temple is one of the most famous but abandoned temples in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. It was abandoned after the empire fell in the 17th century. After being abandoned for almost hundreds of years, the temple has now become a jungle temple with huge trees grown and climbed on its walls. Today, the temple is being taken care of in order to maintain the ruins and keep the place worth visiting as ever. It's a beautiful abandoned place you should visit at least once in a lifetime. 


Dundas Castle, New York


The Dundas castle was originally designed in New York for the wife, Anna Dundas, of architect Bradford L. Gilbert. Unfortunately, Gilbert and his wife never had the chance to live in the castle because he died and she was taken to a sanatorium before the castle was completed. Interesting thing is that there are some rumors that Dundas’s ghost is still wandering around the castle. The castle is a very interesting place to visit especially if you are the type of person who is interested in haunted and existing places. 


Hotel de Salto, Colombia


Hotel de Salto was originally built for tourists who came to visit the nearby waterfall in Colombia. The hotel was opened in 1928 and was closed down and abandoned in the early 90s. There are many rumors of people believing that the hotel is now haunted. Again, it is a very interesting place to visit if you are looking for adventure and excitement, especially with haunted places. 


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