Shyamli Thakur

Shyamli is a passionate traveler exploring the world to discover new places and culture, and documenting them for the world to see. She manifests her passion in her role as a Creative Content Writer where she strives to evoke a strong sense of place in her write-ups. What’s more, she is infinitely curious about the world and enjoys being present wherever she is.

A Universal Museum In the Arab World

The federation of oil-rich Persian Gulf states known as the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a land of superlatives as it races to build some of the biggest and the first of its kind Mega-structures in the world.

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit India's Golden Triangle

One of the most popular introductory tours in India is of the Golden Triangle area, which encompasses three illustrious cities in the country’s northwest region: Delhi; Agra; and Jaipur.

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Insider tips: 6 ultimate things to do in Zanzibar


Its waters are crystal clear. Its beaches pristine white sand. A typical vacation day in Zanzibar involves sipping fresh coconut water on the shore in perfect relaxation. we have master a list of best things to do in this country.

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How to Spend a day at the Top of Burj Khalifa ?

Rising from the desert right into the pinnacle of the sky, Burj Khalifa is a living wonder that stands at a staggering height of 828 meters in ‘Pearl of the desert. this mesmeric structure has become the centerpiece of Dubai.

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Top Places to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Did you know that Dubai plays host to some of the craziest New Year parties in the world? From rocking live music to celebrity performances to amazing food and drinks all night, there is no better way to welcome the New Year. 

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Traditions, Cultures and Clothing you Must Know before visiting Jordan

A land steeped in history, culture and traditions, Jordan has been a hub for hospitality since the dawn of civilization. when you visit Jordan, you’re likely to hear “ahlan w sahlan”, which means “Make yourself at home”! 

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