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Africa wildlife safari tours are the best option to watch wild animals closely and safely in their natural habitat. Here are the top favorite spots in Africa for having an unforgettable safari experience.  



Masai Mara, Kenya


Masai Mara is one of the most famous Africa wildlife Safari destinations. It is the northern extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti. There is no better place in Africa to watch lions and cheetahs in their natural habitat. Some of the amazing animals to also see there are elephants, rare black rhinos, and giraffes. 


Don’t forget to pack your camera and binoculars for a more amazing experience and exploration of the Kenyan wildlife. For the budget, Africa wildlife safari in Kenya can go with any budget. Options are available at all price levels, so you don’t need to go for a high budget. The best time to go on a safari in Kenya is between May to October when it's cooler and more accessible because of the dry season. 


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Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania


One of the best well-known wildlife spots on the entire planet is the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Serengeti is almost 15,000 sq km in size which makes it ten times bigger than the Masai Mara but has the same amazing sighting of predators and the scale of migration. Being huge in size, the Serengeti of course has a greater habitat variety than Masai Mara. The center of the Serengeti Park is often busy around Seronera, but you can enjoy more exclusive and privacy options that the north and west areas offer. 


You can’t miss visiting the Ngorongoro Crater that is located to the east within the Serengeti area. This volcanic spot includes 250 sq km of forests, lakes, and the perfect variety of wildlife like lions, black rhinos, and elephants. The place is considered a huge wild zoo that attracts crowds from all over the globe. You will find various options at all budget levels when visiting Serengeti Park, so you don’t have to worry much about the budget. The best time to visit the park is between June to October, but it is also beautiful all year round. 


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Kruger National Park, South Africa


Kruger National park offers everything you are looking for in an animal safari trip in Africa. It’s a huge public park and camp that extends over 22,000 sq km. For first-timers, Kruger National park is the best Safari destination in terms of budget and amazing wildlife exploration. With its backroads and various bush camps for those who crave wilderness, the park is the most amazing spot in Africa. You will be able to closely observe some wild animals like cheetahs, wild dogs, large herbivores, and more than 500 species of birds in their natural habitat. There is a huge selection of wild animals there. 

What makes the park more unique is the habitat variety. The park has it all from savannah and amazing hills to woodland and forests on the river. The park price options are suitable for all budget levels. It is also suitable to visit all year round but it's mostly rainy from November to March.    



Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Nothing can beat the wildlife experience in Uganda, especially at the Queen Elizabeth National park where you can go trekking among gorillas. You will get the chance to see elephants and buffalos on the lakeshores, and hippos on the Kazinga channel. One thing you can't miss seeing there are the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha in their natural habitat. 


If you are a first-timer going on an African wildlife safari trip, you will be blown away by the wildlife and nature. While if you are an experienced safari traveler, you will be amazed by the variety of habitats in a small park like this one. Small park but with an impressive diversity of wildlife. Don’t miss the chance to see the chimpanzees and some of the 610 bird species there. 


Other than wildlife safari trips, there are so many activities to do there including boat cruising. The park is suitable for all budget ranges and accommodation levels. The best time to visit is during the wettest months which are April, May, October, and November where roads are easier to take. 


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Chobe National Park & Moremi Game Reserve Botswana


Botswana is known for its dry land, yet some of the best views there are by water. When the dry season comes, wildlife gather along the river in the far north of the Chobe national park. Boat cruises pass by a huge number of elephants and buffalos. You will see lions and other wild animals along the loop roads. You can’t go to Botswana without visiting Victoria falls, it’s just a day trip away from the park. 


Further to the South, you will find the Moremi Reserve that extends on the eastern edges of the Okavango Delta. There you will get the chance to see some wild predators like wild dogs, which exist there with large numbers. Boat cruises move across the lagoons giving you the chance to see it all while going down the narrow channels. 


Both The Chobe national park and the Moremi Game Reserve are often combined trips. Both places can be very crowded in high seasons. All price options are available for budget travellers, and best to go is between June and October. 



South Luangwa National Park, Zambia


South Luangwa park in Zambia is a great option for those who are willing to go on a safari tour for the first time. With its amazing scenery and expert guiding, the place is considered one of the favourite destinations for a safari trip in Africa. Large numbers of wild animals like hippos, rhinos, and cheetahs gather around the river during the end of the dry season. You will get the chance to explore wildlife closely during that trip. The park is well known as the home of the walking safari, as you can be granted a guided walk into the bush for a closer look at the leopard and big cats. 


Budget to go on a safari tour at South Luangwa National Park can vary from medium to high according to accommodation type. Best time to go is between June and October when you can enjoy peak game viewing, while floods and camp closing is from November to March. 



Etosha National Park, Namibia


Etosha has an advantage of self-drive because of its easy roads and facilities. With no rivers, it is hard to expect to see hippos and crocs there. The park goes through a harsh thirsty game during the end of the dry season every year. Some animals like Zebra, giraffes, and others crowd for a spot which gives way to herds of elephants and other animals like black rhinos. 


During the dry season, you may never want to leave your camp as each one of the public camps overlook a busy waterhole with animals surrounding it. Breathtaking is that during the rainy seasons you will get the chance to watch flamingos while on their way to temporary lagoons. Budget suits all price levels due to variety in accommodation. Best time to go is between June and November when it's the most amazing time to view it all.  



10 Packing checklist and what should you bring with you when going on safari?


  1. Lightweight breathable garments for hot weather. 
  2. Trousers preferably, because shorts will not protect you from insects. 
  3. Trainers. 
  4. A hat for sunny mornings.
  5. Warm clothes for evenings. 
  6. If you are going on a Safari on foot, you will have to wear neutral colours because animals are sensitive to white or colourful clothes. 
  7. Try to avoid dark colors as Tsetse flies are attracted to them, so khaki is the perfect colour for safaris. 
  8. Camera.
  9. Binoculars.
  10. A torch and spare batteries. 


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