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Springtime differs round the world, but some destinations truly come to life as winter starts to travel away and also the sunshine starts to require over. Many popular destinations see a decrease in tourism between the winter and summer peak seasons, meaning you'll be able to enjoy mild temperatures together with lower rates and fewer crowds in these shoulder seasons.


When Spring is finally here, the sun starts to heat up, flowers begin to bloom, and also the birds sing of joy! It’s one among the simplest moments to enjoy Mother Nature and every one the wonder she must offer. Here are the 10 most beautiful places to go to in Spring. Which one takes your fancy? 

Bodrum (Turkey) 

Often considered one amongst the highest spots to go to during Summer, we predict Bordum truly showcases its beauty in Spring. The temperature could be a pleasant 25 degrees celsius within the day, the hordes of tourists haven’t appeared yet, and also the cobbled streets are sprinkled with colorful petals. 

Les Avants, Vaud (Switzerland) 


Breathe the pure air of the chain and its surroundings in Les Avants. Nestled next to Lake Leman, the snow-capped mountains within the background are a reminder of winter whilst the colorful blooms at your feet will have you ever transported into a replacement season! 

Namaqualand (South Africa) 


The Namaqualand Flower Route is about 5 hours from the metropolis. The flowers are completely wild and their germination depends hugely on the weather of the previous seasons. while this implies the flowering is extremely volatile, it also implies that annually brings something new and different to see! 

Fez (Morocco) 


Spring weather in Fez is warm and dry. Head here in May for the Gnaoua Music Festival, combining modern music with historical traditions. 

Central Park, New York (USA) 


Walkthrough New York’s iconic commons during your Springtime visit to the massive Apple. The weather is cool but sunny, flowers bloom from the unlikeliest of places, squirrels scamper up, begging for a bite of that warm pretzel. Life is good! 


Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) 


Snap a photograph at the gorgeous blossom tree-lined streets of Bonn in Germany. Usually in bloom around the beginning of April, but they don’t lurk around for long! 


Egypt, The land of History


If you’ve always dreamt of seeing the sweetness of cherry blossom season (Easter in Egypt), Egypt during April-May is what you’re looking for! 

Goldfield Mountains, Arizona (USA) 

Feel at one with nature by hiking the towering Goldfield mountains. Hiking Goldfield could be a feat in itself. the highest of the mountains are usually reserved for very experienced hikers. But, there are lots of fun hikes to try to do too! 


Mount Fuji, Honshu Island (Japan) 


There’s nothing quite like seeing Japan covered in a very blanket of lush pink petals during cherry blossom season. 


Corbridge, Northumberland (England) 


As you step onto the cobbled streets of Corbridge, you’ll notice this sleepy village begins to return alive during the spring. The air is warmer, the pub gardens are slowly filling up and also the tea rooms are bustling excitedly. 


Easter traditions in Egypt

In origin, Sham El Nessim (Sniffing the breeze) is an ancient Egyptian religious occasion that marked the beginning of spring. They believe it marks the start of creation too. 
This makes it associated with Easter and there are some common aspects of the celebration. This makes it a good chance to require your trip to Egypt to celebrate of both them and obtain familiar more with some ancient Egyptian customs of that day. 


Traditional Food of the day Since you're on your trip to Egypt on this occasion, you must get yourself a basket of Eggs and colors. Colorful eggs are that the main breakfast of the day that turned to be the most joy of the day coloring and shaping eggs. This day is additionally known for eating salted fish (fesikh) and herring with lemon and green onions. this could be done by Egyptians only and not recommended in the least for non-Egyptians. This kind of fish isn't good for your health List of places to go to during your trip to Egypt. 

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh 

Two of the foremost beautiful places for diving and snorkeling and every one style of water sports and activities 

Montazah Palace Gardens


Montazah Park in Alexandria could be a beautiful public park. it's greatly recommended for its beautiful landscape and also the view of the sea. it's a good place for a picnic because the weather in Alexandria is far nicer and more beautiful than in Cairo. due to the ocean breeze. So if you wish a soothing picnic with no such activities. a tremendous place to air your list while you come to spend Easter in Egypt. 

The Nile Cruise 


The river cruise in Easter in Egypt is extremely recommended these days. you'll last a Nile cruise for 3 or 4 nights as a part of a tour package during Easter. there's nothing compared to the Nile with the standard food-related to Easter. 

Relax within the sun with little wind and fresh Nile breeze. Which will cause you to feel the traditional oriental traditional way of celebrating this occasion. That remark by the flood of the Nile could be a basic place for celebrating that day. 

You'll see people on the banks of the Nile sitting eating and celebrating with their families. Additionally, you'll be able to hear a special song for these days coming from everywhere. Celebrating spring sung by Soad Hosny the famous Egyptian actor. 


Enjoy the Easter holiday during your trip to Egypt.


Do's and Don'ts of your Spring Break vacation 2021

First, however, before we share where you'll be able to go, it is best to speak about a way to go. Dr. Seema Sarin, director of lifestyle medicine at EHE Health, offers some easy to follow "do's" and "don'ts" for safe and responsible travel: 


  • Don't trip attend a celebration, festival, or large event. Don't travel a crowded destination where it's difficult to take care of social distancing.
  • Don't wear away restaurants with indoor seating. 
  • Don't take a bus, the train, or fly if in the slightest degree possible.

On the opposite hand: 


  • Do drive. In short, our experts all advise following road trips, since your car is that the safest thanks to travel. 
  • Do arrange to bring groceries in order that you'll cook and wear away your rental house. 
  • Do book private accommodations at a holiday resort for a ski or snowboard trip. 
  • Do plan a road trip and drive with only your household. 
  • Do go camping, hiking, and spend time outdoors in areas where it's easy to keep up social distancing. 
  • Do still follow all social distancing, masking, hand washing, and CDC outlined precautions. 
  • Do get the COVID 19 vaccine when it's available, and still follow all guidelines, even after being vaccinated.


Enjoy your Spring and travel around the world with Memphis Tours!

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