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All of us love the blossom of the flowers, the singing bird and the golden sun, If you are looking for a new destinations to visit in the Spring. This time in the year differs around the world, but we will recomend you 10 best spring break destinations around the world.


If you are searching for a one lifetime experience, a nature to explore and warm weather. Here are the 10 most beautiful places to go to in Spring. Are you ready to start our virtual tour? 

Enjoy visiting Bodrum in Turkey

In the Spring seasons, Turkey is less crowd like in the peak seasons. So, you will not face the normal crowd for the queues of the tourists attractions like the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar, you will enjoy the lunch and the dinner time in the Turkish restuarants. Springtime is the best time for hiking or trekking trip in this amazing warm weather! You can attend the local events and festivals at this time, and the prices is bit lower as the city is not crowd at this time. 

Les Avants, Vaud in Switzerland


Interested in visiting a new country and seeking for breathe the pure air of the surroundings in Les Avants. Its magical to visit a snowy city in the Spring! Vaud is a hidden gem in Switzerland, you will enjoy the cherry blossom and the warm weather.  

Namaqualand in South Africa 


Spring is the best season to visit South Africa, which the cool mornings and the pure fresh air. If you are a big fan for the Spring flowers, the cherry blossoms and the fresh air, Namaqua National Park is the best place to visit. 

Fez in Morocco 


Spring in Fez is amazing with its warm weather in the mountains and the cooler temperature. 

Central Park, New York


The perfect time to New York is Spring season, you will enjoy the fresh treats and the best hot food events in this warm weather! Enjoy visitng the Central Park and take the Central Park boat ride. 


North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany 


If you are looking for the enjoyment of the sun rays, the beautiful land of tuilps, and the flowers. Usually in Spring around the beginning of April, you will enjoy the best of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany! 


The land of History, Egypt


If you’ve always dreamt of visiting the land of pharaohs in Spring (Easter in Egypt), you will enjoy the Easter season in Egypt from April to May is what you’re looking for! 

Goldfield Mountains, Arizona 

You have a lot of choices to do in Spring in Arizona! It's the perfect time to enjoy a lot of activities in Arizona and visit a lot of attractions in this warm weather. Also, its the best time to do hiking and trekking, enjoy! 


Explore Honshu Island in Japan


From March to May, you will enjoy the Spring vibes in Japan, especially in the Honshu Island. You will just need a heavy coat in case the weather become cold as Japan in March is somehow has cold weather. 


Northumberland in England 


UK has a uniques spots and destinations to visit in Spring, like Scotland, Northern Island, and England. England is the best place to visit in UK for the nature-lovers, and outdoor adventurers.


Easter traditions in Egypt

Easter or Sham El Nessim in Egypt (Breathing the breeze) is an ancient Egyptian occasion that marked the beginning of spring. The coloured eggs and the picnics in the fresh air of the Spring in Egypt is makes it associated with Easter! All of these and more makes it a good opportunity to be ready for a trip to Egypt to celebrate and to have a familiar atmosphere more with some ancient Egyptian customs of that day. 



At this day, the traditional Food of the day is mainly salted fish (fesikh), also, you must get yourself a basket of coloured eggs. This handmade colorful eggs are that the main starter of this day. Having a green onions with lemon to give the freshness of the meal!  


Don't miss the new experience of trying the Easter in Egypt.


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