Nile Valley
Information about all of the most famous sites that you will see traveling through the Nile Valley in Egypt
Within this stretch of the Nile is the world�s most intensive concentration of ancient monuments � temples, tombs and places constructed from the onset of the Middle Kingdom (c.2050 BC) up until Roman and Byzantine times. Click to know more with us!
The site lies on the Eastern Bank of the Nile, 20 km south of the city of Al-Minya. It houses 39 rock-cut tomb decorated with scenes depicting local and regional life during the Middle Kingdom. Many of these have scenes of violent warfare and military training.

This temple is situated in Dendara city, north of Luxor about 28 miles from Luxor. It takes about 00:45 minutes and was one of the temples built first by the Ptolemies, Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra II , then the Roman continue the decoration.

The temple lies on the west bank of the Nile. The temple of Esna is situated in the middle of the modern city. It was originally built on another temple, built by Tuthmosis III, as there are some blocks dates back to the 18th dynasty and the rest dates back to the Greco-Roman period.