Islamic Monuments
Egypt is famous for its historical Mosques and mainly in Cairo as its known with the name of the 1000 Minarets which refers to the huge number of mosques in Egypt's Capital (Cairo).
Al Sayeda Zeinab is the youngest daughter of both Al Sayeda Fatima, the Prophet's daughter and his cousin Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and the sister of the two Imams Al Hassan and Al Hussein.
The structure of the building followed the precedent of the mosque of ahmed ibn tulun being constructed on the principles of arcades with piers and pointed arches and also contained an intermediate space separating the mosque from the city around it.
The importance of this Mosque came from the burials of the members of the Mohamed Ali family within the Mosque. The Mosque is almost rectangular in shape and it consists of two sections the 1st is the pray house and the 2nd is the royal tombs and mausoleums.