No adventure can be more special than traveling onboard a cruise ship. Cruise traveling around the world is definitely something else. You don’t just enjoy the on-ground tours, but also you get the chance to sail and explore the world on waters. Sailing across the world is an adventure to add to the top of your bucket list for 2021. With the various luxurious cruise options around the world, you can always make your cruise adventure special. 


So, if you're wondering what are the best Cruise ships worldwide that you can enjoy experiencing in 2021, here are some of the best world cruises and tours to start with. 


  1. Disney Dream Cruise


Disney dream is a cruisers choice award-winning cruise for the best overall cruise ship experience. It is considered the pride of the Disney cruise line. Unlike other cruise ships like Disney Magic, Disney, wonder, and Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream has been the best option for cruise adventurers since 2011. The cruise ship has a length of 340 meters and more than 1450 crew members who work night and day to make guests have the most unforgettable experience. 


Disney dream is a huge cruise ship with a capacity of 2,500- 3,500 passengers, and it is famous for its onboard world-class service. It is recommended for 3- 5 days of Bahamian experience. Embark the cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida, and dock at Disney Castaway Cay – Nassau, and from the Bahamas – Disney Castaway Cay to Port Canaveral. 


The price ranges from 1314$ to 4612$ including taxes. Prices include accommodation, taxes, port fees, Disney character greets, live entertainment, meals, refreshments, and more. Spa service, additional excursions, photography service, alcoholic beverages, and adults-only dining venues are excluded. 


And, to make your cruise experience more enjoyable, it is recommended that you choose a cruise that stops by Turkey or an Arab country like Egypt, Jordan, or Morocco. This will give you a chance to experience other cultures and take a glimpse of their history through these countries' shore excursions. 


  1. Mein Schiff 6 Cruise


Built in 2017 with a length of 295 m / 968 ft, passenger capacity of 2534 - 2700, 1000 crew members, 15 decks, and 1267 cabins, Mein Schiff cruise is definitely one of the best options when choosing a cruise tour. The cruise is environmentally friendly as it was built with energy-efficient solutions that reduce 30% of emissions and consume less energy by 30% compared to other cruises of the same size. 


The ship’s ceremony was held in June 2017 in Port Hamburg, Germany. The naming ceremony of the cruise was attended by almost 1900 cruise passengers who watched the live ceremony. The name Mein Schiff is a German name that means “my ship” in English. The cruise started its Caribbean program in September 2017 departing from  Hamburg, Germany, and heading to New York. 


As one of the so many options, on March 31st, 2021, you can book 9 days, round-trip Griechenland Mit Zypern, onboard Mein Schiff 6 cruise. The ship will depart from Heraklion, Crete, Greece, and will stop by Bodrum, Turkey on April 4 where you can enjoy a shore excursion of your choice in Turkey. While in Bodrum, you can’t miss visiting St. Peter's Castle, Underwater Archaeological Museum, Mausoleum of Mausolus, and more sites near Bodrum port. 


You can choose from different types of cabins like Balcony cabin, Spa Balcony cabin, Premium veranda cabin, Family cabin balcony, Junior suite balcony, Sky & sea suite, Diamond suite, and more options. Prices starting from 729 € per person. 


Check our special Bodrum, Turkey shore excursions, and book your tour now!


  1. Costa Diadema Cruise


With 3772 - 4526 passengers capacity, 1253 crew members, 14 decks, 1886 cabins, and a length of 306 m / 1004 ft, Costa Diadema built-in 2014 is one of the best options to go for. Homeports for Costa Diadema are Savona (Italy), Marseille (France Riviera), Barcelona (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Kiel (Germany). 


You can choose from plenty of options to depart from the port of your choice from the options above and plan to take an excursion on the way. The cruise docks at different spots worldwide allow you to take an excursion in any country or take multiple excursions to different countries. 


Some of the main spots that Costa Diadema cruise stops by are 


  • Piraeus, Athens, Greece
  • Izmir, Turkey
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Marseille, France Riviera
  • Port Said, Cairo, Egypt
  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • Valletta, Malta 


You shouldn’t miss the chance to take an excursion to Egypt or Turkey or both during your cruise vacation. You can book 14 days, round-trip Mediterranean departing from Barcelona on April 18, 2021, and stopping by Port Said, Egypt port and Alexandria, Egypt port on April 27. Or 14 days, round-trip Mediterranean departing from Marseilles on April 19 and stopping by Port Said and Alexandria on April 27 as well. There are also other different departing spots that you can choose from. 


Check our special Port Said and Alexandria shore excursions from these links: 



You can also book the 14 days, round-trip Mediterranean departing from Savona on April 6, 2021, and heading to Greece, Turkey, Spain, and France. While docking at Izmir, Turkey, You can enjoy a variety of options with our Izmir, Turkey shore excursions. Or the 14 days, round-trip Mediterranean departing from Barcelona on May 2, 2021, and stopping by Izmir, Turkey on May 9. These two trips are a few of many other options available on board of Costa Diadema cruise. 


  1.  Seabourn Sojourn Cruise


The main port for the Seabourn cruise in Copenhagen, Denmark port. The cruise has a capacity of 450 - 540 passengers and 330 crew members. It consists of 11 decks and 225 cabins. It is a Mega Yacht with a length of 198 m / 650 ft that was built in 2010 and operated by Seabourn Cruises.  


Some of the main Seabourn Sojourn cruise inclusions are:


  • All meals in all restaurants
  • Open bar
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Spa and fitness facilities
  • Daytime activities
  • Gratuities


Although the main port for Seabourn in Copenhagen, Denmark, the cruise’s main departing ports for 2021/2022 are Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Civitavecchia, Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney, Keelung, Shanghai, and Singapore. 

As Seabourn Sojourn Cruise stops by Jordan and Egypt, you may like to take a look at these countries' shore excursions that Memphis tours offer. 


Our Petra, Jordan shore excursions give you the chance to explore some of the most amazing spots in Jordan. Don’t miss the chance to visit Petra from Aqaba port on May 27, 2022 onboard Seabourn Sojourn during the 56 days, one-way trip from Shanghai to Piraeustrip, stopping by Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and more. You can choose from many other dates and options for the Seabourn cruise during 2021 and 2022.  


Check our marvelous Oman Shore Excursions and don’t miss the chance to visit Muscat, Salalah, and Khasab with their breathtaking views and nature. 


  1. Marella Explorer Cruise


Main ports for Marella explorer cruise are Palma de Mallorca (Majorca Island, Balearic Spain), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands). The cruise was built in 1996, it has a capacity of 1924 - 2681 passengers and 900 crew members. Marella has 13 decks and 962 cabins, with a length of 264 m / 866 ft. 


The ship includes a 200 seat cinema hall, shops for jewelry, perfumes, essentials, convenience goods, and more. The ship also has Casinos for entertainment, as well as clubs, bars, discos, lounges, and the cigar bar. Marella Explorer cruise also has 3 swimming pools, 1 with fresh water and 2 with saltwater. Aquaspa offers massages and thalassotherapy. The cruise is the best option to enjoy your vacation and explore the world on the waters. 


As Marella explorer cruise stops by Agadir Port in Morocco, you should not miss the chance to check our Agadir, Morocco shore excursions to add a spark to your cruise vacation and get to know different cultures. 


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