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Jordanian Food you have to Try | Jordanian Cuisine

Food and dishes that you have to try while you are visiting Jordan. Jordanians are generally grouped during mealtime and are presented with food in a collective manner. Know More.!

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Most Delicious Jordanian Food Recipes | Jordanian Food

Mealtime in Jordan is not merely a biological function, but rather a social event. Jordanians are generally grouped during mealtime and are presented with food in a collective manner. In addition, food is commonly used by Jordanians to express their hospitality and generosity. Jordanians by nature are very kind people and, often, it is presented within minutes of a person's invitation to a local house.
A 'Jordanian invitation' means that you are expected to bring nothing and eat everything. This invitation is followed by the popular Arabic phrase “Sahtain wa 'Afiya.” Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan which often symbolizes an occasion.It consists of Arabic rice, a rich broth made from dry sour milk (jammed), and either lamb or chicken. Whether Jordanians are celebrating a graduation, an engagement, or a wedding, Mansaf is commonly served. In addition, Mansaf is also served during condolences and as a means to patch up ties with others.
Another delicacy that is popular in Jordan is stuffed baby lamb. It consists of roasted lamb, stuffed with rice, chopped onions, nuts, and raisins. There is also Al-Zarb, the name given to an oven that is dug one meter deep into the ground and is about 60cm in diameter, and coated with bricks while the bottom is left as is. It is also the name of the lamb dish cooked in this oven. 
Guests feast from the communal dish using their hands, due to the fact that it symbolizes a social community gathering. The grand presentation is placed in the middle of the dining setting. No matter what your preference, Jordanian cuisine will most definitely offer you something to please your taste buds. 
Jordanian Food you have to Try | Jordanian Cuisine


Jordanian food that you have to try while you are visiting Jordan


Alongside with many oriental dishes, Jordanian cuisine includes a wide variety of techniques used to serve food in special ways, which are considered as commonly developed by the Jordanian kitchen. In the following, you will find a list of most delicious and tasty meals and dishes that you have to try in Jordan;


Mansaf; is the traditional and national dish of Jordan. It takes no time to prepare for making Mansaf. They are specially using fermented dried yogurt to cook it. Mixture of traditional spices (like Zaatar) and local herbs with olive oil is added to garlic, onion and tomato sauce just to be cooked with lamb meat. It is also cooked with rice and/or bulgur. All is cooked in one pot and served in one big plate (by the way; Jordan is one of the largest producers of olives and olive oil in the world).   


Much like Mansaf is the “Kabsa” meal or dish, as it also contains meat, spices and rice. All cooked in one pot with vegetables and sauces.

Maklouba is a traditional dish also. Layers of rice, meat and eggplants are cooked in one pot, which will be served as upside-down flipped dish on one plate.


“Safiha” Sandwich; is a flat bread with beef and sauces that will be cooked in rolls and cut into small pieces. The sandwich is cooked on metal sheet inside the oven or on the fire directly.


The red bulgur and Bamya; cooked Bulgur in tomato sauce served with cooked okra with tomato sauce.


The variety of side dishes is a tasty experience. Ask for delicious side dishes like: Fattoush, Hummus, Halloumi, Khobbeizeh, Kibbeh labaniyyeh, Kibbeh Nayyeh, Kibbeh, Labaneh Jarashiyyeh and Manakish/ Managish.     


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Jordanian Food you have to Try | Jordanian Cuisine