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Getting Around Jordan

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Amman and the surrounding cities are relatively small, and most places of interest - hotels and restaurants - are well-known. Street addresses are rarely used - mail is delivered only to post office boxes located at neighbourhood post office centres, while only the larger street names are commonly known. When giving directions, therefore, people will usually tell you the area or a nearby landmark (a large hotel, ministry building or supermarket, for example) and specific instructions from there. This works more efficiently than it sounds.
Amman itself is built on seven hills, or "jabals," each of which more or less defines a neighbourhood. Many jabals once had a traffic circle (roundabout) at their peak and, although most of the circles have now been replaced by traffic lights, the junctions are still known as 1st Circle, 2nd Circle... 8th Circle. Other Amman neighbourhoods were once separate villages, now swallowed up by the expanding city.
One final word...If you're having trouble finding your way, don't hesitate to ask a passerby, as most people will be delighted to help.

International and Domestic Air Lines of Jordan

Royal Jordanian Airlines is the main airline and also with the Royal Wings Jordanian Airlines. Domestic flights are only available from Amman to Aqaba and vice versa.


How to reach major cities in Jordan:



Small taxis are the most common transport mode in Jordan, especially in and between its major cities. There is a huge number of taxis in service that transport passengers from heart of the capital Amman to the south to Aqaba and north to Irbid and Ramsa. You will find these vehicles in white color, while private taxis are yellow or grey. Taxis are used widely in streets of the capital Amman and most of major Jordanian cities. In front of hotels and restrooms you won’t lose them, as they can be easily found. In addition, these cars are secured and controlled by the government system. Also, they have strict system for fare. They are using technology to calculate the fare. You can find this within the taxi in form of digital monitor. Drivers are educated and discipline, who know how to follow rules and treat customers with respect. They are well trained and know exactly all streets and places of each area.



Kareem is a transportation network company offering services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing and ride service hailing. It launched its services in Jordan in 2015. It is the first licensed company in the Kingdom to provide passenger services using smart applications. Its services can be used in the capital Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Salt and Madaba. I has future plans to expand in other governorates and cities.


Kareem application features and services:

- Kareem offers services that suit the needs of its customers with 'Now' or 'Later' booking options, which is allowing them to benefit from the service immediately or later. Customers can also arrange trips periodically through the "Repeat" feature.

- Customers can track Kareem on the map and share the expected arrival time with family and friends.

- Kareem offers customers easy and convenient payment solutions, as they can choose to pay in cash, bank card payment or through Kareem balance. It is also possible to pay in cash and keep the remaining amount in your customer's account to use it later.



There are many private and semi-public passenger buses in Jordan. They are modern and equipped with all amenities and make daily trips to various destinations in Jordan.