Colossae of Turkey


The Roman Constructions in Turkey


The ancient Archeological, Colossae, was an ancient Roman territory of Phrygia in Asia Minor, on the southern edge of the Lycus Valley near the larger and more significant sites such as Laodicea, 120 miles east of Ephesus in the Lycus River Valley, to the north of old Kadmos/Cadmus (Honaz) mountain, is located 15 miles east of Denizli province in Turkey, 2 kilometers north of Honaz district, on the historic commercial and military routes connecting southwest of Anatolia to the east.



According to the Greek Historian, Xenophon, of the 4th century BC, Colossae very few remains from the ancient city is referring to one of the six big cities of Phrygia. He also marked the province as the center of a large and prosperous textile and wool industry, even the dark red wool took the special name colosseum, that attracted wealth mix of Jews, Phrygians, and Greek traders. Its documented on an early Christian text attributed to St. Paul the Apostle that he wrote his Epistle to the Colossians, however, some resources deny that visit since he told Philemon about his hope to visit it upon being freed from prison. Additionally, the church in Colossae is said to be built by one of the saint followers.



Colossae of Turkey


Colossae, Outlines Roman and Ottoman Glory 


The ruins of Colossae archaic city gave a representation of an acropolis or house depicted graves cut in the rock, including a defensive wall and a pit lined with stones to the west. A theater was discovered on the eastern side and a necropolis to the north of the Lycus River, a branch of the Meander. Ruins of Fort also discovered and back to the Ottoman era. During the late Roman period, Colossae was minimized into a small village as a result of the high level of immigration to Hierapolis and Laodicea cities.



Colossae of Turkey


The Controversial Church of St. Paul


Eventually, it was deserted and the inhabitants moved to a site called Chonae near today's center of Honaz District. Declining in the importance of the City during the time of St. Paul's Epistle, they had already been surpassed in size by the other Lycus Valley cities. Additionally, Strabo the historian described Colossae with smaller villages, not with major cities.

The city was left because of the city Chonae was established at the location where today's Honaz District center is located. We learn from the ancient sources that St. Michael church existed in Chonae city. The biblical significance lies in the fact that the book of Colossians was addressed to the church here (Col 1:2) and that Philemon lived in this city. St. Paul the apostles wrote us two prophecies about the Colossae, namely Colossians and Philemon. However, its proven that he never visited the city, rather his students Epaphras during the imprisonment brought the gospel message to the three cities of the Lycus Valley, that is to Colossae, to Laodicea, and to Hierapolis. That never remove his wish to visit it.


Moreover, the site of Honaz excavations uncovered the Murat Mosque, which dates back to the reign of Ottoman Sultan Murat II (imperabat 1404-1451). 


Laodicea site is just 8 miles far from Pamukkale, it takes 16 minutes to reach it by car.  The Site is opened for visits daily from 6:30 AM to 21:00 PM, however, we recommend you double-check before the visit. The Entrance fees are $9.20.



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