The Most Beautiful Abandoned Places Around the World

Attractions - 14 Jun 2022

Abandoned places are those mysterious places around the world where people used to live. What makes those places unique is that each place has a backstory to tell. Those kinds of places show us what happens when the consistent care of humans is no longer served. 


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7 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Attractions - 09 Jun 2022

Did you know that there are more than 117 million lakes on Earth? A mind-blowing number indeed! Here are the 7 most beautiful lakes in the world that you got to visit one day.

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7 Best Spots for Diving in Egypt

Attractions - 30 May 2022

Egypt is famous for its amazing beaches on the Red Sea which makes it the favorite option for scuba diving lovers. The famous Red Sea with its colorful corals and sea creatures extends along the Eastern coastline of Egypt. Diving in Egypt is a unique activity you should experience at least once in a lifetime. Blue Hole Egypt, located in Dahab, is a must-visit location to enjoy diving whether you are a beginner or a professional. 

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10 Must-Do Activities and Things to Do in Jordan

Activities - 26 May 2022

Jordan is every traveler's dream introduction to the Middle East. The destination gets travelers up close to world wonders, literally. There is something for everyone there and tons of activities and things to do. Here are the 10 bucket list for things to do in Jordan that will make you want to pack your bags right now and fly to Jordan!

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nubian Village in Egypt

Attractions - 15 Jul 2021

Near the town of Aswan, are the foremost colorful and feel good villages of the whole country. The Nubian Villages are painted all told the colours

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