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Rana Hassan
02 Dec

Visit Dubai: Winter Activities in Dubai you shouldn't miss when in UAE!

Looking for a fabulous Winter Destination? Visit Dubai and Get Yourself Ready and head to Discover the Best winter activities in Dubai!

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01 Dec

What to do in Dubai: Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai, the fastest-growing city and the shoppers' paradise is hosting the Dubai Shopping Festival this December. ‘The Shopping Capital of the Middle East’ Dubai is truly a shopper's utopia is offering a one-stop destination for various sorts of Tourism.

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Brandi Marcene
22 Sep

Dubai and Oman Combine Tours for a Perfect Multi-destination Trip

Owing to their close proximity to each other and for what they offer to the average traveler, Dubai and Oman are a quintessential choice for a multi-destination getaway. Read more!

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How To Celebrate New Year And Christmas In Dubai

Enlisted as one of the most happening destinations to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year, Dubai promises to bid you a memorable winter break in the grandest way possible. Know more!

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Best Time to Visit Dubai: Dubai Summer Surprises Beat The Summer Heat!

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous cities on the entire planet that attracts travel enthusiasts from all around the world to enjoy festive season called ‘Dubai Summer Surprises’. Know more!

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10 Unbelievable Activities you Must Try in Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly the most advanced and luxurious city on the entire planet. It is evident that this glamorous city of gold has positioned itself as a tourist hotspot attracting travel enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the world.
 Dubai isn’t just about clusters of skyscrapers, unparallel shopping, and futuristic architecture, but is also a playground for a running list of incredible entertaining activities. Lest you will be spoilt for choices, we have master-crafted this guide to help you unveil 10 unbelievable activities that you must do in Dubai. 

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Top Places for Dubai New Years Celebration 2021

Ready to Fire-up 2021? Plan your Dubai New Year and Christmas Eve in Dubai and Explore Top Place and Activities, Parties and more with Memphis Tours. Explore More...

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Spend a Day at the Burj Khalifa: There's Even More to See than You Think

A pinnacle rising straight from the desert right into the sky, Burj Khalifa is a living wonder that stands at a staggering height of 828 meters in the "Pearl of the Desert." This mesmerizing structure has become the centerpiece of Dubai.

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Louvre Abu Dhabi: A Universal Museum In the Arab World

The federation of oil-rich Persian Gulf states known as the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a land of superlatives as it races to build some of the biggest and the first of its kind Mega-structures in the world.

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Sean Cope
19 May

Burj Khalifa - A Modern Icon glowing the Middle East Horizon

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world highlighting the Middle East Horizon from Dubai since 2010. Discover the modern man-made wonder with Memphis Tours.

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