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Travel India: Your Ultimate Handy Guide for Hilarious India Trip!

Nourhan Atef
17 Sep

When in India do it like an Indian! Food, Shopping, Locals and more, Explore Memphis Tours Travel Experts Handy Guide for a Hilarious within your India Trip Now!

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Festivals of India: Holi festival in India 2020

Bonface Makokha
08 Mar

Celebrating the long exciting chain of Festivals of India, March is marking the occurrence of the Holi festival, the Colorful Indian holidays. Discover more about the Fest, rituals, and traditions.

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10 of India’s Most Intriguing Wild Animals

Amelia Kennedy
17 Dec

 If you are planning a visit to India, consider setting aside at least a day or two to visit one of these Indian wild animals parks to encounter wildlife and appreciate the Indian wilderness.

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Want to Know about Clothing in India? Here You Go!

Jen Grimble
11 Sep

India can overwhelm even the most cultured traveler with its dazzling sensory experiences. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes! But perhaps the most enchanting part of India's diverse and vivid culture is its clothing. Your guide to the sari, dhoti, and everything in between.

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8 Etiquette Rules make your India Experience Hilarious!

Guest Blogger
31 Jul

Travelling to India is Hilarious! Get your Guide to the most common rules and etiquette to follow for a super smooth Indian Experience. Explore Now!

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit India's Golden Triangle

Shyamli Thakur
25 Jun

One of the most popular introductory tours in India is of the Golden Triangle area, which encompasses three illustrious cities in the country’s northwest region: Delhi; Agra; and Jaipur.

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10 Surprising Secrets and Facts About Taj Mahal

Guest Blogger
26 Dec

It's one of the most mesmerizing monuments around the world. Everyone is familiar with its beauty. But do you know its story? Here are 10 points about Taj Mahal that you need to know: 

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Explore the Heart of India: Unique Activities for the Curious Traveler

Jen Grimble
25 Dec

Known for its picturesque scenery and vibrant cultural offerings, India is a country of diverse travel activities. Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in spiritual traditions or fancy an energetic hike in the Himalayas, there are definitely mysteries here you'll want to uncover.

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Best of India: Best 10 places to visit in India

Jen Grimble
25 Dec

From the Himalayas to ancient temples, Explore the Best of India with Memphis Tours. Discover the best places to visit in India for a perfect trip Plan!

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