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The Royal Palace of Madrid

Discover the majestic Royal Palace of Madrid, the official residence of the Spanish royal family.

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The Royal Palace of Madrid, an architectural gem and a significant symbol of the Spanish monarchy, stands proud and majestic in the heart of Spain's capital city. Madrid's grandest monument, it's a must-see attraction for anyone visiting this incredible city. With its sheer size, impressive façade, intricate interiors, and captivating history, the Royal Palace of Madrid is nothing short of a splendid spectacle.

The Royal Palace of Madrid

When was the Royal Palace of Madrid built?

Delving into the history of the Madrid palace, it's a tale as captivating as the palace itself. Built on the site of a 9th-century Moorish fortress, the royal palace of Madrid we see today was commissioned by King Philip V in the 18th century after the original royal Alcázar was destroyed in a fire. Constructed between 1738 and 1755, it became the royal residence, housing the monarchs from Charles III to Alfonso XIII.

The palace has witnessed monumental historical events, from the reigns of numerous monarchs and the turbulence of political changes to grand royal weddings and significant state ceremonies. It has stood as a silent observer of Spain's evolving history, its walls echoing the stories of the past. The royal palace of Madrid, with its history intertwined with Spain's, provides a fascinating insight into the country's royal legacy.

What is the Royal Palace of Madrid used for? 

The palace, known as Palacio Real in Spanish, is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family. However, it is now primarily used for state ceremonies, with the royal family choosing to reside in the more modest Zarzuela Palace on the outskirts of Madrid. Even so, the royal palace of Madrid remains an important emblem of Spain's rich history and royal heritage.

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Architectural Brilliance of the Madrid Palace

The royal palace of Madrid is a masterpiece of Baroque and Classicism, showcasing the architectural prowess of the 18th century. Designed by architects Filippo Juvarra and Giovanni Battista Sacchetti, the palace is a testament to their vision and craftsmanship.

The palace's exterior is a grand spectacle, with its colossal grey and white façade stretching over an area of 135,000 square meters. It boasts of 870 windows, 240 balconies, and 44 staircases. The Sabatini and Campo del Moro gardens enhance the palace's beauty, providing a lush green space amidst the urban landscape.

The Royal Palace of Madrid

An Inside Look at the Palace of Madrid

Beyond its architectural splendor, the royal palace of Madrid houses a vast collection of art, historical artifacts, and royal treasures. With over 3,000 rooms, it's one of the largest palaces in Western Europe. Each room is adorned with exquisite tapestries, ornate chandeliers, precious furniture, and priceless artworks by masters like Caravaggio, Velázquez, and Goya.

The Royal Library is a treasure trove for bibliophiles, housing over 300,000 volumes, including rare manuscripts and documents. The Royal Armory boasts one of the world's finest collections of armor and weapons, while the Royal Pharmacy displays an array of historical medical instruments and prescriptions used by the royal physicians.

The Royal Palace of Madrid

Famous Events at the Madrid Palace

The royal palace of Madrid has been the stage for numerous significant events. It has seen the proclamation of kings, royal weddings, state ceremonies, and official receptions. One of the most memorable events was the wedding of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenie in 1906, which was marked by an assassination attempt on the royal couple.

In recent times, the palace was the venue for the proclamation ceremony of King Felipe VI in 2014. These ceremonies have added to the palace's historical importance, making it a living testament to Spain's royal past and present.

Can you go inside the Royal Palace of Madrid?

The Royal Palace of Madrid open to the public for most of the year, except during state ceremonies and official events. Tickets can be purchased online or at the palace itself. Audio guides are available in various languages, providing detailed information about the palace's history, architecture, and the artifacts displayed.

The Royal Palace of Madrid


Visiting the royal palace of Madrid is an unforgettable experience. It's a journey through Spain's royal history, a showcase of architectural brilliance, and a visual feast of artistic treasures. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to Madrid, the royal palace is a must-visit attraction that promises to captivate and inspire. Book your Madrid Tour and enjoy visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid with Memphis Tours!