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Enjoy the diversity of cultures and best attractions in the Middle East region, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more through picking one of our middle east tours. Integrate the exquisite Ancient Egyptian civilization with colorful India, Modern Dubai, Wild Africa, historical Jordan, the blue pearl Morocco, the real Turkey, and beyond to make the best use of Multi-country Tours. Explore the wonders of different countries and witness the diversity of history and cultures all in one package. It's time to explore and embrace diversity. Book your Middle East Tour Now!.
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23 Days - 4 Countries

Go through Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Dubai. Visit Morocco's Casablanca, constantly changing, shifting moving and surpassing other cities day by day, Marrakech known for being the touristic Capital and more.  Explore attractions along the famous Nile, then head south to Luxor. In Jordan visit Jerash, Mount Nebo, Madaba. At last, head to Dubai, exploring the modern Dubai, Burj Khalifa and more. Enjoy a hummer desert safari. 

from $3738 - $3935
14 Days - 2 Countries

See the best that Jordan and Egypt has to offer. Explore Cairo, have a Nile River cruise and relax in Sharm El Sheikh before ending the trip with visiting the legendary rose-red city of Petra and the Dead Sea in Jordan.



Choose your best travel itinerary and know more about the history starting from Cairo. 

from $2699
8 days - 2 Countries

Discover Egypt and Turkey for 8 days. Enjoy the beauty of nature and history of Istanbul together with the Egyptian dawn of history with it's different cultures.

from $945
13 Days - 3 Countries

Have an exciting tour to Egypt, Jordan & Jerusalem. Start your tour with the glory of the ancient Egyptian monuments then head to discover Jordan and Jerusalem to witness where Jesus Christ was crucified.



Explore the great history of Egypt and Jordan through an amazing trip to the Middle East. Starting from Cairo, you will visit the pyramids, monuments, cruising the Nile and museums. Then head to discover Jordan and Jerusalem to witness where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried.

from $2719
10 Days - 1 Country

This amazing tour is one of most amazing India combined tours. It offers guests the opportunity to experience the treasures of India and Nepal. Travel from Delhi to Agra, explore Bharatpur.




then head to Jaipur. After that head to Nepal where you will visit the capital city Kathmandu and more.


from $975
13 Days - 2 Countries

Visit the highlights of Northern India, travel from Delhi, the bustling National Capital to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, and explore Bharatpur where you may have the chance to spot migratory water birds.


Continue on to Jaipur, the imperial pink city. Fly to the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka which has a history dating back to the birth of time. Visit Sri Lanka's Colombo, Kandy, and Wadduwa and more. 

from $1565
15 Days - 3 Countries

Visit Egypt, Jordan and Dubai. See the most important spots in Egypt like Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and more. Discover also the main attractions in Jordan and Dubai. Check Now!

from $2500
19 Days - 3 Countries

Enjoy this 19 day Turkey, Greece and Egypt tour package and discover the splendors and history. Explore the culture of Turkey, Greece and Egypt closely.

from $3880
16 Days - 3 Countries

Enjoy this Turkey, Egypt and Dubai tour package and discover the splendors and history. Visit Istanbul, Cappadocia and more in Turkey; Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and more in Egypt; Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and more in Dubai! 

from $3125