What to Bring?

                                                                                                         What to bring on your adventure?


Africa is now a hot spot for travel adventure seekers, and there are many things to bting with you if you are traveling to Africa. Depending on what safari you choose to take here are recommendations of items that you should bring, feel free to research and enquire if needed.


1. Shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime. Neutral tones like beige, khaki, stone and light brown don't show the dirt and dust to which you'll be exposed.


2. A pair of good walking boots, if planning any walking safaris.


3. A wide-brimmed hat to shade you from the sun - this should have string/straps, if standing in the van or jeep - it could be blown off. 


4. Plenty of high factor sun protection lotion/cream (High SPF). 


5. A good pair of binoculars.


6. Long trousers and long- or short-sleeved shirts for the evening, for men, as protection from mosquitoes; similarly for the ladies, maxi dresses are popular, plus a pashmina, if chilly.


7. A fleece/jumper/sweater for the early morning 


8. Plenty of film or flash card memory for your camera and a battery charger.


9. Swimming costumes


10. A book on East African Birds and Wildlife to allow you to identify what you see on safari and from your lodge. 


11. Good pair of sunglasses as you are on the equator where the sun is very powerful.


12. A pair of running shoes and sports socks. A pack of wet wipes.


13. A small Maglite or flashlight.


14. Toilet roll and plastic bag in which to place garbage/trash.


15. Mosquito repellent, trap or mosquito electric ball with chips, to put on at night in lodge or camp (if needed).