Vision And Mission
Vision and Mission:

Be the reference for tours in Egypt and the leading tour operator in Africa and the Middle East.
Be the guide for visitors to Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.
Be a highly trustworthy commercial site.
Offer the highest quality online services.
Be a top ranking site in search results.
Strategic goals:
Improve the website's availability & usability.
Depending on a professional staff all the time.
Create a new strategic gateway for selling through telesales.
Offer variable products to fulfill the customer’s needs.
Apply the latest management approaches.
Guarantee high quality services.
Target Reputable image.
Strategic Objectives:
Be one of the top 10 ranking sites in related keywords for all languages already exist.
Provide friendly sites.
Develop training plan to cover the employee needs.
Hire experienced staff.
Create a specific standard to the newcomers.
Establish automated system for the whole company.
Use an alternate connection to be stable.
Search for the latest techniques for our websites.
Establish call center using the best reliable system (TeleSales).
Develop our existing programs.
Provide new services to cover all tourism industry in Egypt.
Target different client categories.