Sherwet Ali

 I'm Sherwet Ali, I'm graduated from Faculty of Tourism, Guiding Department. I'm a freelance tourist guide all over Egypt for six years for well known companies, I have a good experience in the Quick Trips "big groups".
I'm interesting in the Egyptian History & taking photos this one of my hobbies plus being your guide in the tour I'll be your photographer.

Basic Information
Name : Sherwet Ali
Education : Graduated from Alexandria University, Faculty of Tourism Guiding Dep.
Languages : English
Experience :

6 years as a Tour Guide all over Egypt

Photo & Videos
Guest Reviews

We were in Egypt on a cruise of the Holy Land and the cruise's excursion was sold out so I used Trip advisor to find a tour guide for Cairo and the Pyramids. This was a private tour for $620.00 we had our own car driver and Egyptoloist " Sherwet Ali" our driver was Asraf Fouda Both were great. We felt very safe and secure and learned so much during our trip to the Pyramids,Sphnix, Camel ride, Lunch and the Egypt Museum. We had our own private tutor..we passed some people from our cruise on the ships tour. But since we had a private car and guide we did'nt have to wait on anything zoom-zoom on visits, shopping, parking. also one side bonus is we had our own photographer Sherwet took some great pictures of us that we will teasure forever. on the mass tour you can't get this! We were picked up at the port in Alexandria and transported to Cairo and then returned to the port that night. The ship was 2 hours late but "Sherwet" was 'there waiting for us with a sign with my name on it. My wife and I liked the attention to detail and the individual attention we received to our questions and the information. In the museum Sherwet explained to us the history of the displays and what they stood for. people just standing there started to ease drop because they did'nt know what they were looking at. But Sherwet kept us moving along filling us with info all along the way.I felt very special having the guide and driver because where ever we went the car was there close to the store or attraction . We never stepped more than 10 steps from the car Sherwet handled everything, Lunch, Camel ride, museum fees I didnt pull a dime out of my pocket except at the Papyrus store and shoping we did.Sherwet said a few words in Arabic and proof we got where or what we wanted she was great! So smart and pretty too! One funny story is when we returned to Alexandria at night the city was alive traffic everywhere, people of all ages crowded in the streets, it looked like Madri Gras in New Orleans! Well we metioned this to Sherwet and in translation she thought we said we wanted to get out and join the party! She said she'lll write down the address of the ship and let you out here! We were like ohhh NOOO thats all right, we don'y know the langauge and we have too much jewlery on to walk the streets at night please take us back to the ship. She understood and the driver returned us to the ship After a great day we will never forget. If you don't use Memphis tours with "Sherwet Ali" and "Asraf fouda" you will be making a mistake!

Reviewed September 27, 2010


Our group of four pre-made our own arrangements to see the wonders of Cairo, Giza and Saqqara with Memphis Tours (recommended by our travel agent) and saw more in two days then I did in three days 30 years ago!

On day one we were picked up at the port in Alexandria on time by an amazing driver, Mohamed (Cairo traffic/drivers are the worst in the world and I spent much of the time with my eyes closed. I think Modhamed could rival any Indie 500 driver) and our wonderful tour leader, Hussen, then whisked away to Cairo in a wonderfully air conditioned van. After checking into our hotel, we met our darling guide/historian, Sherwet, and went to the Museum of Antiquities. My favorite museum in the world and, although my third visit there, I could spend weeks in it. The only Pharoah's mummy on display 30 years ago was Seti I and it was a privilege to be able to visit the new Mummy Room. Sherwet let us all have 30 minutes on our own (my husband is a builder and went straight to the tools section) before we were taken to a local restaurant for dinner and back to our hotel to freshen up. They picked us up later and took us to the Sound & Light Show at the pyramids. The show hasn't changed much, but I still loved seeing it again. I get chills when the lights come on and that deep voice says "Since the beginning of time..."

Day two began with check-out and a visit to the Giza Plateau to see the pyramids, Sphinx and the Solar Barge. I hadn't seen the Solar Barge and the building/display was amazing. Then we were driven to Saqqara, where we saw the step and bent pyramids and several mastabas. Only one mastaba was open on my first visit and I was amazed at how much work had been done in Saqqara since then. I think the carvings are more beautifully done here than in the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor. Don't miss Saqqara if you have the time.

After a wonderful Stella/Star beer (in cans now and not the tall green bottles of years ago) at a local spot, Mohamed and Hussen drove us to Port Said where we boarded our cruise ship. I highly recommend using Memphis Tours when going to Egypt. They are so professional and we got to see so much more than with a group tour!

Reviewed June 16, 2010

I arranged a tour with Memphis several months in advance at an incredible price--I really couldn't believe it when I saw it (<1000USD for 7 days). Going alone I felt that staying with a tour company was the safest way to spend time in Egypt and I think it was a very good decision. While I was rather confused whenever I arrived in Cairo and, later, in Aswan because I wasn't provided with a cell phone on arrival in Egypt, I was promptly found by the tour representatives. The accommodations (hotels and whatnot) exceeded my expectations, but as a rather budget-wary student, I suppose my expectations weren't that high to begin with.

The tour through Cairo was quite good. Sherwet Ali, my tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable and quite admirable when she kept yelling at people taking pictures in the Egyptian Museum--she really loves her country's history and culture.

Reviewed November 19, 2011

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