Hassan Musleh

Hello, I’m Hassan Musleh,

I was born in Cairo in June 1983. I graduated from the faculty of Arts English Department, Helwan University in 2005. Since my childhood, I had the passion of exploring other cultures. I joined Memphis Tours’ team in 2007 as a Tour Manager for about 3 years, then transfered to being assistant Director of Tour Mangers in 2010 till now.

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Name : Hassan Musleh
Education :

 Faculty of Arts (English literature) & Guidance Diploma

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Experience :

My experience is expanding day by day due to the requirements of the tourism market in Egypt. First, I worked before as junior accountant in Garment Company which helped me to differentiate between so many different products that may look the same and

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Guest Reviews


We are a family of six from Malaysia and Singapore. Visited Egypt from Dec 28 2010 to Jan 8th 2011. We found Memphis Tours and checked with trip advisor's readers' comments. THANKS HEAPS TO TRIP ADVISOR and her Readers ! One name which popped out was Mustafa Ahmed. I remember reading good reviews about Memphis and him When I wrote to Memphis, Mr Mustafa Ahmed was the one who replied me. From then on it was smooth sailing. We were in Cairo for a few days. We also took a day trip by flight from Cairo to Abu Simbel. Later we flew to Luxor to join cruise to Aswan. All along we were assigned a tour leader Mr Hassan Mosleh. He met us and also see us off from the airport whenever we need to fly. He gave us a mobile so that we can always get in touch with him. His co-ordination was perfect He was great. Recommended good attractions to feel some free days in Cairo and Luxor. We had free days because of our flight schedule. Every\thing as promised by memphis was fulfilled. We had knowlegeable Egyptologists in Cairo(Miss Ahmandie) as well as Luxor and Aswan (Dr Salem). Though we booked our own hotel and internal flights and all ground tours and cruise by memphis, there was just one hiccup in Abu Simbel. Guide did not turn up due to mis-communication . That was resolved quickly. As for the cruise, we told them our expectations of the type of cruise we wanted and we got one better!. Tip is - Communications in detail prior to departure is important. I did that. I heard from some others who were in the same cruise. They joined memphis tours too, but they didn't get the level of service like I did. Some were surprised by our praises of Memphis and some expressed discontent with parts of their tours. I supposed we were lucky to get Mr Mustafa Ahmed and his team - efficient, trustworthy and friendly . We had a splendid ,wonderful and carefree holiday :)
Visited January 2011
Reviewed January 11, 2011


From start to finish they were very professional and attentive to any questions, concerns and requests. My mother and I visited Egypt in January 2011.Our tour Consultant Mustafa Ahmed was super nice and always available to answer questions regarding out trip...Our greeter in Cairo, Hassan Musleh, was knowledgable and gracious..Our greeter in Aswan, Abu Grisha was extremely helpful and resourceful..
To be honest, Egypt is one of the safest countries I have ever travelled in..I never felt scared or nervous at any point and Memphis Tours was always there to make the travel transitions go smoothly.
I work in production and I can honestly say that Memphis tours insured our very special trip went without a hitch...I will visit Egypt again. There was way too much to much to see and just not enough time in this very rich and interesting country...
Visited January 2011
Reviewed March 26, 2011

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