Amr Fouad
My name is Amr Fouad, I was born in 1972 & I work in the tourism field since 2003 . I Carry Driving license " A Class " .
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Name : Amr Fouad
Education : High school
Languages : English
Experience : I work as a Tour Driver since 2003
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I had only an 8 hr layover in Cairo and wanted to see what I could with such little time so I booked with Memphis. When I landed, Abdul was inside passport control basically waiting for me just as I came off the plane. He guided me through currency exchange, to get an entrance visa and through passport control... This wasn't an expectation I had at all,but abdul's motto the whole day was "let me worry about everything, u relax and focus on Cairo!" the pyramids were closed by 3pm but he and our awesome driver Amr (who is skilled... And u need to be in Cairo) got me as close as they could from two vantage points... When we got out at the crazy pyramid gates, Abdul made sure that no one bothered me as we took pics, etc. Then we drove some back street in old Cairo, went in an old local mosque and Abdul shared many of his muslim traditions and helped me as a western tourist get a sense of his traditions and practice. We went for a ride on a felluca and afterward he took me to have smoke (hooka) ... I had never done it and was interested.. All in all we did a ton of stuff in a short period of time, more then I expected..and all while getting some off the beaten path experiences and some intelligent perspective and a good laugh. On your next tour, ask for Abdul, he'll make sure you get what you want your tour to be, and switch it up at any moment if you want to... Great time!
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