Welcome to Kodaikanal (Kodai)

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Met on a star-shaped lake, Kodai or Kodaikanal extends up and down hillsides with spots of the virgin forest, different to South India's the Western Ghats, and green broadleaf trees like mahogany, magnolia, myrtle, and rhododendron.


Another plant masterpiece is called kurinji shrub, whose lilac-blue flowers appear every 12 years (next due 2030)! Kodai is fashionable honeymooners and groups, who flock to its spectacular viewpoints and waterfalls.


Located 120km northwest of Madurai within the guarded Palani Hills, which is more relaxed and friendly than its sister Ooty (Kodai is that the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’, but Ooty the Queen of the Hill Stations). It’s not all cold each, days feel more like deep spring than early winter.

Kodaikanal Tourism

Located within the state of state, Kodaikanal is one amongst the foremost famous honeymoon destinations in India. A Lakeside resort town of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal contains a beautiful climate, mist-covered manicured cliffs and waterfall that close to form the perfect setting for an ideal getaway.


Kodaikanal means 'the gift of the forests'. Kodaikanal is a place you'll be able to travel, to take a chance from the anxiety of the daily city life, and this hill station helps you to connect with nature as you go out on biking or trekking tracks or take a stroll through the broad forests around the town.

Top 20 Places to visit in Kodaikanal

If you’re planning a visit to the current charming “gift of the forest”, here’s a listing of things to try and do in Kodaikanal that you simply most definitely shouldn’t miss. trying to find the best Kodaikanal tourist places for your next escapade?


Here may be a list of a number of the foremost amazing places to go to in Kodaikanal for a fun and memorable vacation together with your friends and family:


  • Astrophysical Observatory
  • Kodai Chocolate Factory
  • Lutheran Church 
  • Perumal Peak 
  • Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple – Lord’s Home
  • Bear Shola Falls 
  • Pillar Rocks  
  • Suicide Point 
  • Devil’s Kitchen 
  • Thalaiyar Falls 
  • Coakers Walk 
  • Dolphin’s Nose 
  • Bryant Park 
  • Pine Forest 
  • Moir Point 
  • Wax Museum 
  • Upper Lake View Point 
  • Anna Salai Market 
  • Silver Cascade Falls 
  • Silent Valley View Point 

Frequently Asked Questions relevant to places to visit in Kodaikanal

Q. What is Kodaikanal famous for?
A. the gorgeous hill station of Kodaikanal is known for its breathtaking natural beauty which has gorgeous waterfalls, rivers, viewpoints like Moir viewpoint.

Q. Where can I go to Kodaikanal in 2 days-trip?
A. a number of the most effective places to go to in Kodaikanal on 2 days trip are:


1. Kodai Lake 
2. Silver Cascade 
3. Bear Shola Falls 
4. Dolphin’s Nose 
5. Bryant Park


Q. Is Kodaikanal good for honeymoon?
A. Kodaikanal could be a great honeymoon destination in India. The place has pleasant weather throughout the year. you'll be able to enjoy the romantic breeze along with your love and also go trekking if you're an adventurous couple.


Q. When is the best time to go to Kodaikanal?
A. Although Kodaikanal experience pleasant weather throughout the year, a perfect time to go to the place is from March to early June. 


Q. How many days are sufficient to visit Kodaikanal?
A. 2 days are sufficient to go to Kodai. you'll be able to cover all the amazing things this hill station should offer during this duration.

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