Egypt and Middle East Tours

Don't limit yourself to Egypt alone. Browse our Middle East and North Africa Tours to explore the incredible history and heritage of North Africa and the Middle East by combining your trip to Egypt with a visit to another countries .. Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Dubai, Oman or Lebanon. Do not miss the experience of our Multi Country tours!

Egypt Jordan Tours

Take a once in a lifetime journey to Egypt and Jordan. A fascinating opportunity awaits you when visiting Jerusalem!


Egypt Turkey Tours

Both Egypt and Turkey offer a wide array on impressive cultural and historical experiences. Experience both Istanbul and Cairo and the beautiful Islamic architecture on display in both cities. Visit the Giza Pyramids and Topkapi Palace, where the Ottoman Emperor ruled for centuries. Take in the beauty of the Bosphorus in Turkey and the Nile in Egypt on a cruise between Luxor and Aswan.


Egypt Lebanon Tours

Discover the wonders of Lebanon and its beauty and explore the historical sights of Egypt in a combined tour.

Egypt Dubai Tours

Combine a visit with one of the oldest places in the world with one where the cities have only grown up in the past few decades. Visit Cairo, cruise down the Nile, and take in the wonders of Ancient Egypt before traveling to Dubai to see one of the newest cities in the world. Visit the incredible new hotels, shopping areas and other attractions or enjoy a Bedouin camping experience in the desert.

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