All the facts you need to know about UAE Flag

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The UAE flag could be a source of pride and loyalty for Emirati locals and expatriates. It gives one a singular sense of belonging as we remember the nice deeds of our founding fathers. This explains why you'll see most of the people with flags on UAE Flag Day.

The story behind the design of the UAE Flag

As you anticipate walking around with the flag proudly, you may want to require a second to consider the flag’s designer. When Abdullah Mohammad first came up with the look, he had no concept that it might be picked because of the UAE flag and hoisted high especially over the states.


A total of 1,030 entries had been nominated, but most of those were in black and white. Abdullah Mohammad Al Madinah couldn't see the green and red colors that he had significance within the stories of Emirati people. His reason for these colors was to showcase Arab unity and identity.


When his design was selected as the ultimate winner, he was none the wiser. Nobody contacted him on the 2nd of December 1971 when the primary was raised at the Union House in Dubai and a second at the palace within the capital.


According to Mr. Al Maainah, he wasn't aware that his flag had been selected until he visited Mushrif Palace and peeked via the fence. The now 59-year old ambassador to Chile described his feeling at that very moment is beyond measure as it was an amazing and calm day when he saw the UAE Flag.


It took a pair of months before he was informed that his flag had won. He was thanked and awarded 4,000 riyals since the dirham had not yet been established at that point.

The four colors of the flag

The UAE Flag is formed of four colors. These are red, green, black, and white. Each of those colors is symbolic in nature.


  • Red – similar to blood is red; this color could be a representation of the sacrifices that our founding fathers made (including shedding blood) to grant us the state that we enjoy today. They were needing to keep the UAE safe, safeguarding its achievements and gains. Once you experience, you wish to visualize hardiness, courage, strength, and bravado. 


  • Green – When you’re surrounded by such a lot green, you recognize that the long run is bright. that's exactly what inspired Mr. Al Maainah to incorporate this colorize the flag. It's a portrayal of joy, hope, love, and optimism. One may additionally observe it as signaling the prosperity that the country has experienced over the years.


  • White – When someone waves a flag, it means they're seeking peace. Similarly, the white color in the UAE flag shows peace and honesty. it's the purest color, and a few people normally interpret it as meaning cleanliness. this can be an ideal color choice provided that the UAE is widely known for its charitable contributions and desire to contribute to the peace of the country.


  • Black – the general public normally thinks that black represents oil, which isn't true. it's a representation of the strength of mind cherished by Emirati people. Out of this strength, the country has been ready to defeat enemies. When the people close to hoist the flag higher and sing the national anthem; this unity is portrayed clearly.

UAE flag day 

November 2nd, 2017 is UAE June 14 – a celebration first launched by HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2013 to celebrate Sheikh Khalifa’s accession to the Presidency of the UAE.1 On at the moment, all ministries, and government bodies, of course, all people, Emirati and expatriate alike raise the UAE flag at 11 am to indicate allegiance and unity with the UAE, its leadership, and its founding fathers.


Flag day is an event to cherish. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to ask ourselves what makes flags so important generally, and what makes the UAE flag particularly special.

The UAE Flag is, without a doubt, central within the lives of Emiratis. Celebrating Flag Day is for that reason a very important occasion. make sure to celebrate the day in such a way that honors and respects the flag’s meaning.