Mai Mohamed
I'm Mai Mohamed Abd EL Naby, born on October 1st, 1985 in Cairo, Egypt. Raised up , got married & have a beautiful Boy also in Cairo.
I have been always a very active person, I was a member of all teams related to arts, singing, acting, Girls Scouts, school entertainment team....etc. And also as a volunteer in all charity activities. The digital world always amazed me with its new trends, tools & strategies. Love reading the newest article in the Digital world specially in Digital Marketing.
 My family consists of another two sisters and one brother I'm the third kid in the family, we've been always their for each other. I have been always passionate about the Pharaonic history, that's why I chose the guidance field. And Tourism was the core of my life since I was in college.

Basic Information
Name : Mai Mohamed
Education : Bachelor of Guidance, English Dep. Faculty of Tourism & Hotels
Marketing Diploma

Digital Marketing
Marketing Strategies & Tools
Digital Media Marketing
Negotiation Skills
Customer Service
Presentation Skills
Effective Teamwork
Time Management
Basic Management Skills
Languages :
Experience : I joined Memphis Tours Team in the beginning of 2007 as a web editor, assistant director of the web editing & digital marketing department in 2009, and director of Digital Marketing department in 2010 till October 2012I twisted my career a little bit & became a member of a very cool team, reservation team.
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