Morocco Attractions and Cities
All of the exciting attractions available to tourists in Morocco as well as information about travel in the Kingdom of Morocco
Morocco has been influenced by several civilizations since Antiquity. Each has marked the land with an indelible imprint. This has produced an incomparable historical heritage.
Agadir is the leading seaside resort in Morocco deserves its title. A 10km-long beach of fine sand and more than 300 days of sunshine a year.
Casablanca became the showcase of Art Deco architecture. The outlying districts are connected to and organized around the Place de France and the Place Administrative, now respectively United Nations Place and Mohammed V Place. The Habous area, situated 3km away from the city centre, is unique in Morocco: a new medina entirely designed according to the traditional model. Initially, it was intended for the rural population coming to work in Casablanca. It shows tradition's capacity to adapt perfectly to the constraints of the modern world.
Chefchaouen is a city with blue and white lime-washed houses. A powerful charm that you really can feel in the Outa-el-Hammam square, in the cobblestone medina.
Essaouira is one of the most charming city in Morocco. Let's know with us about this city .
The entire medina has been designated Unesco World Heritage of Humanity Site. Wander through its souks and alleys which are unchanged since the Middle Ages.
Morocco is named after this legendary town which is one of its four imperial cities. A genuine and unspoilt place.
Meknes is an engaging Imperial capital which is pleasant to live in. Despite the wealth of its historic heritage, it has retained the simplicity of its origins.
Ouarzazate has been unfailingly linked with cinema since 1984. it has remarkable examples of traditional architecture give a foretaste of the famous Route of the 1000 kasbahs.
Gardens, promenades, great avenues and a broad array of festivals: Rabat takes the time to live life to the full.
The blue pearl of Morocco, Saidia, is in the process of modernising so that you will soon be able to take advantage of the turquoise Mediterranean, its 14-km beach and splendid surrounding countryside. Explore More.
Tangier retains its powerful charm to this day… From the previously nefarious alleys in the Petit Socco area to the many café terraces which are more than ever avant-gardist.
Tetouan, a charming Hispano-Mauresque town, plays on the mixture of cultures whilst remaining guardian and shopwindow for its most beautiful traditions.
Taroudant has imposing adobe ramparts, adorned with square towers. A 7km horse-drawn carriage tour around it reveals its five gates, Bab El-Kasba being the main one and the most majestic. Morocco Attractions