Abdallah Bihiry
I'm Abdallah Bihiry, born in Novamber 29th, 1987 in Kuwait, and I live in Cairo. I love watching movies &I adore to read pharaonic history

Basic Information
Name : Abdallah Bihiry
Education : Bachelor of Tourism & hotels, Tourism guide Dep, German section

Negotiation Skills
Basic Business Skills Acquisition (BBSA), Sponsored by the Future Generation Foundation (FGF) including :Developed English Language and Computer Skills
Enhanced Presentation & Project Development Skills
Acquired Basic Business Skills including: Marketing, Sales, Banking, Accounting, Business Correspondence and Report Writing.
Dale Carnegie Seminar ( Communication Skills )
Build Greater self-Confidence.
Strengthen People skills.
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Develop Leadership Skills.
Reduce Stress and Improve Our Attitude.
Languages :
Experience : I joined Memphis Tours Team in December 2009 as a Reservation officer, assistant reservation Manager in 2010, and assistant director of contracting & reservation in 2011 till now.
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