Ahmed Abdel-Hameed

Hello,  First of all I've the pleasure to be one of Memphis tours recommended tour guides, as one of the best, oldest and reputable travel companies, it's really a good choice for the holiday maker. As one of Memphis tours guides, I'd like to introduce myself in few words I'd say:I'm nearly 31 years old, I have been working as a licensed tour guide for 10 years, I have a major in history of Egypt which is I guess the history of humanity. Bachelor degree from Helwan University.I work mainly with English speaking nationalities such as British, American, South African, Australian and Canadian.I conduct large groups up to 30, family and private trips. Once I think about my hobbies reading always pop up specially about history, culture and art. I'm very interested of meeting new people as I always believe that human are sharing the same thoughts, so every time I can prove it I guess It's a real success.Tour guiding is not just to tell the history, but I think to explain the culture and to take you deep through it, in order to make a value for your trip, that's why your questions are the most welcome.Every tourist has a vision of What Egypt looks like? I think reality is beyond your expectations. I'd be grateful if you picked me as your guide, and I promise to do my best to make it the most educational and enjoyable trip you ever had.

Basic Information
Name : Ahmed Abdel-Hameed
Education :

Bachelor degree from Helwan University, History

Languages :


Experience :

10 Years experience as Tour Guide in Egypt

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Guest Reviews

- Regarding the guides, Ahmed was exceptional in many ways, he was very professional, respectful of the group, well informed, open to learning new information and flexible. Mustafa was also well received by the group and provided much assistance in Aswan. We highly recommend both of them.
Ana Yenenga
August 2011

- We have fond memories of Egypt, and you made substantial contributions to those memories. I am glad that my children were able to hear a description of Islam from you, and if they don't always remember all of your description, I think they will remember the fine example you set as a person who practices Islam. Both of my children thought that you were their favorite person who they met in Egypt.
Larry Deaven
September 2008

- This was our first time to Egypt. Before that, Memphis Tours already arranged everything and gave us a detail itinerary by email. Our trip was from May 29 to June 6. My wife and I arrived at Cairo Airport at 2 AM. A representative, Mr. Abd Fatah had been waiting for us in the airport for couple hours. He made us feel the most welcome to Egypt. Next day Abd took us sightseeing the city of Cairo and explained our itinerary one more time in detail. We visited Mosques, markets and also taste the Egyptian mint tea. On the following day, we met our Cairo tour guide Mr. Ahmed. He brought us to visit Giza Pyramids, Cairo Egyptian Museum and Hanging Church. He is kind, knowledgeable and professional. My wife and I also rode a Camel in front of Giza Pyramids which made us feel like going back to the ancient Egyptian time.
After the Nile River Cruise trip, we flew back to Cairo and we were happy to meet Mr. Abd Fatah (representative) and Mr. Ahmed (Cairo tour guide) again. Mr. Ahmed took us to visit Citadel of Salah Al-Din and Step Pyramid in Saqqara before the end of our Egypt trip. Mr. Abd Fatah took us to Cairo Airport in the same day and we left with a wonderful and unforgettable memory in Egypt.

Thank you for Memphis Tours' great effort in arranging our trip. Special thanks to Mr. Abd Fatah (representative), Mr. Ahmed (Cairo tour guide) and Mr. Ahmed Rezk (Aswan/Luxor tour guide). They are all fluent in English. My wife and I highly recommend them to all people who are interested in visit Egypt.
June 26, 2010

- It's Chris here, I hope you are well.  Sorry for the delay in getting back with my feedback, things have been crazy settling down in Australia and I still have no job so things are a little worrying at the moment, however, as promised here is my feedback:
"I am very pleased to endorse Ahmed Abdulhameed as a tour guide and am more than happy to share my experience.  When we were looking to book our trip to Egypt, the choice of guides was overwhelming and we felt a little uneasy being in such a different culture and Ahmed put our minds at ease, both from his personal warmth and personality, together with his knowledge, excellent english language skills and superior communication where he kept us informed throughout our trip and ensured we were meet and greeted seemlessley at each handover point.  If you are considering a guide for your trip in Egypt, I have no doubt you will completely satisfied with Ahmed. Christopher Cheesman, 10th September 2010."
 I hope that is ok.  Let me know where you want me to post this.
 All the best.
 Regards, Chris

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