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Explore the beauty of the Middle East & North Africa Tours visiting the fascinating lands in Dubai, Jordan, Oman and Egypt. Book our Emirates & Beyond Tours and Visit the Great Pyramids at Giza, Sail the Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan. You will also enjoy Dubai’s incredible man-made modern architecture like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab. Then watch the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, Explore Oman countless interesting historical sites and natural beauty.
Explore the beauty of the Middle East & North Africa Tours visiting the fascinating lands in Egypt and Dubai.
Explore the beauty of the fascinating lands in the Middle East in Dubai and Jordan. Relish the amazing landscapes, extraordinary history and breathtaking man-made wonders like the The Treasury, Monastery in Petra and Dubai’s incredible man-made modern architecture. float on the Dead Sea salty water, watch the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, enjoy the amazing skyscrapers in Dubai, discover the beauty of a desert sunset and much more during your Middle Eastern adventure.
Discover the modern cities in Dubai and the beauty of Oman with Dubai, Oman tour packages with Memphis Tours. Book you tour now .!
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